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It always seemed so far away, but the time for your child to join regular school is finally just around the corner. The child has probably been going to a play school, for a while, but the shift from the small, safe environment of a play school to the hustle bustle of a big school can be daunting for a small child. Here are some useful tips for young parents.

Useful tips
  • Don't be late in picking your child up. A few late minutes can seem like a long time to a young child.
  • Always listen to your child patiently, do not ask too many questions as children only talk when they are at ease.
  • Be flexible in the early days of the school. Children may get tired and cranky for a while till they settle in. Do follow routines that allow time for rest and free play.
  • Do not plan too many after school activities or have too much to do on the way home.
  • Remember, small children need lots of support in starting school. Children do best at school when their parents and teachers work together to support them.
Food and Nutrition
  • Keep a check on the sugar and salt content in your child's daily diet.
  • Ensure that the child gets a balanced meal everyday, which should have carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
  • Make your child drink water, at regular intervals.
  • Always start the day with a healthy breakfast.
  • Avoid adding sugar in the milk at night, as sugar extra provides energy and children will be very active at bed time!!!!!
  • Fix meal time and stick to it, avoid in between snack.
  • Avoid readymade package foods.
Bedtime Tips
  • Best time to sleep is before 9 pm.
  • Ensure some form of relaxing activities for your child before bedtime.
  • See that the child eats an hour before bedtime and no television viewing an hour before.
  • Have a selection of good soothing (non violent) story books for bed time.
  • Insist children to clean their teeth before bed and wear clean pajamas for a healthy sleep.
  • A warm bath, a gentle lullaby or a good tickle are great bed time buddies.
  • Never scare children for making them fall asleep.
  • Sing lullabies to your child as they are soothing for sleep and strengthens bonding.

Role of Toys
  • Cuddly toys- Helps the child feel secure, helps in general feeling of well being.
  • Building toys- Helps in building logic, thinking, imagination, language development and creativity.
  • Role play toys- Helps the child in understanding the adult world, how people behave and act and play out different duties.
  • Reading toys- Help the child in building vocabulary, reading skills, interest in reading, picture recognition etc.
  • Puzzle type toys - Helps in developing logic and problems solving skills.
  • Break and Join /Pounding toys - Helps children in venting out emotions, aggression without guilt, also helps them in achieving an important need of exploration and curiosity.
  • Riding toys- Good for balance, sense of freedom and movement.
  • Outdoor toys- Helps the child in staying fit and active.
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