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At "SRWS" our endeavour is to be prepared to give more thrust and attention to inculcate in the students a scientific temperament by promoting the spirit of enquiry, following a rational and objective approach. lt is our constant effort to provide our children with the best and latest facilities. In the current context of globalization, the school has a definite and a positive role to play in moulding the student. The school aims seeking new and different ways to inspire every child to become a leader.

We have to be prepared to give more attention to inculcate in the students a scientific temper by promoting the spirit of enquiry and following a rational and objective approach. Our school is adequately equipped with all the facilities to face any challenge of the new age where we ensure that our wards inculcate good moral and social values, regard for goodness, fairness, justice, truth, compassion, code of ethics for life, for work, profession and everyday dealings with others. Our endeavour is to acquaint each one of them with their own limitless potential so that they can explore the limitless opportunities that the world holds.

In this current context of globalization, it is vital to maintain harmony and communication between the parents and the school authorities, as our children will be molded by the environment and motivation provided by school, as well as home. We look forward to your continuous interest and cooperation to make this endeavour a success.

S. K. Sachdeva

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